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Sally and The Hurts is an Americana Roots band from north central Kansas that brings award-winning lyrics, beautifully-crafted violin, and haunting musical saw to the stage. 

Sally and The Hurts perform regularly in northern Kansas as well as surrounding areas. The band attends the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS and has performed on Stages 2,3,5,7, and the famous "Songwriter's Stage" Stage 11. Several of the band's songs have been chosen as category winners the past three years at the Walnut Valley Festival New Songs Showcase.

The band has also performed Private Showcases at Folk Alliance International the past several years in Kansas City, Montreal, and New Orleans. 

Released May 27th 2020, the band's debut album "Wild Life" is sure to excite with songs that have made their way into fans' hearts. The self-produced album houses fifteen original songs including feature tracks "Wild Life", "His Name Was Jody", and "In the Grave". 

Band members include:
Sally Vee- songwriter, vocals, guitar
Megan Hurt- vocals, violin
Jamie Lee- vocals, musical saw

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Saturday March 11th, 2023 - Limitless Brewing - Lenexa, KS - 7pm
Saturday April 1st, 2023 - Private Function
Saturday June 3rd, 2023 - Private Function
Sunday June 4th - Good Way Gardens Summer Concert Series - Venue and Time TBA - Emporia, KS
Friday August 18th, 2023 - Moonrise Bike Ride hosted by Ottawa Bike and Trail - Base Camp  8pm
September 6th through September 17th - Walnut Valley Festival - Winfield, KS
Friday October 6th, 2023 - Compass Point - Topeka, KS - 7:30pm

The band is currently accepting bookings for January 2023 and beyond. To book Sally and The Hurts, please send an email to with your contact information and preferred date/time of booking.

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"We hosted Sally and The Hurts for a second time last
Saturday evening for an outdoor concert. The charisma, stage presence, 
melodies, lyrics and unparalled musicianship illustrate why they draw
such a large loyal following to their performances. 
The natural connectedness amongst the band members
takes their music to a higher level. 
We're ready to have another show!!"

- Steve and Jean Spikes - 
Spikes Mic Garage Band Series

"This is a group of musicians who have a reputation of
creating sublime music mixed with humor and grace.
Excellent songwriting with superb delivery.
Many of you have been to their events and
recognize the irresistible draw to go out and experience
"whatever the hell that golden feeling is" over and over again...
magic at it's finest."
- Byron James -
Studio 901 House Concert Series

"David Olney quality..." 
- Rich Warren -
2017 Folk DJ Hall of Fame Inductee / 2008 Folk Alliance DJ of the Year

 "Sally and The Hurts- well they certainly don't hurt the ears or the heart!
Smart, original music with all the good feels- a perfect recipe!"

- Scott Stanton -
River Trade Radio 90.1 FM

"Very Mickey Newbury!"
- Tom Paxton - 
Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Winner / American Folk Singer-Songwriter

"If you are brave enough to wander just a little off the path and
experience folk music in its purest form,
spend a musical evening with Sally and The Hurts.
This group weaves creative lyrics that allow you in, ask you to stay,
and leave you with an experience that makes you feel
you have truly shared that moment with them.
The eclectic voicing of guitar, violin, and saw provide a backdrop
that is haunting and uncluttered. The lyrical depth provides a space to live
if only for a short while, and the combination of simplicity
and compelling content has left many of their songs in my head for days.
Whether they are making you laugh, cry, or feel emboldened,
                              they will affect you in a way that lasts."                                
- Tony Ridder -
Ridder Creative

"... music with agency, passion, and humanity that's perfect for the instrumentation...
Funny, compassionate, and wistful lyrics in harmony
alternate with captivating fiddle and saw solos.
Jamie Lee’s saw drifts above the guitar and fiddle,
simultaneously warm and mysterious.
Hurt's expressive fiddling feels like
youthful experiments that never go wrong.
Banter-filled performances are so relaxed
                  you'll feel like you're at a jam session with close friends."                 
- Carol Sevin -

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band photos by: Sabrina Staires

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